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Private Event Rental

This agreement is for small private events (non-wedding) held within the Williamsburg Botanical Garden, a beautiful two-acre site with a variety of beautiful gardens, a wooden arbor, and two green roof wooden pavilions. Outdoor private events generally take place from April through November depending on the weather.

Fees for private events are $50.00 per hour. 

Williamsburg Botanical Garden will provide an onsite representative during the rental timeframe on the day of the event.

Please use the Calendar on this website to be certain that the date/time you want is available. Then complete the payment form below. Expect a confirmation of your reservation. If for some reason the time cannot be confirmed, your payment will be refunded rapidly.


Date Desired:*
Start Time desired:*
End Time:*
Payment Amount @ $50/hour:*


Once your contract is confirmed, you will have a reservation for use of the space in the Garden.


Garden Rental Includes: Use of Williamsburg Botanical Garden and green-roof pavilions on the Event Date within the hours of operation (7:00 am to dusk) and generally includes the event host and guests totally less than 20 people.

Photography is permitted during the private event rental period. Use of benches and chairs located on the patio may be used during the private event rental.  Additional rental items, DJs or small ensembles are permitted during the private event rental but must be coordinated with Williamsburg Botanical Garden representative.

Williamsburg Botanical Garden is wheelchair accessible.

WBG Benches, Chairs and Tables. If benches, chairs or tables located on the patio and under the pavilions are used, they are to be returned to the location they were moved from at the end of the event, within the rental timeframe. Any damages caused to the benches, chairs or tables within the Williamsburg Botanical Garden are the responsibility of the Lessee.

Decorations. Decorations may be set up as long as neither plant material nor facilities are harmed in its placement or removal. Any décor brought in by the Lessee must be removed immediately following the end of the event. Any damages caused to Williamsburg Botanical Garden, green-roof pavilions, or plants within Williamsburg Botanical Garden are the responsibility of the Lessee.

Electricity. Williamsburg Botanical Garden does not have electricity. The Lessee must supply all AC power requirements.

Restroom. Restroom facilities are available at the Freedom Park Interpretive Center.

Music. Music is permitted. Lessee must provide a generator if power for amplifiers will be needed. Sound levels should be moderate so as not to disturb others using Williamsburg Botanical Garden and surrounding park area.

Parking. Parking is limited to designated parking areas. No parking is allowed on the perimeter road and no vehicles are to be driven on the grounds except for deliveries. All deliveries must be coordinated with Williamsburg Botanical Garden Manager.

Damages and Clean Up. All areas must be cleaned after an event within the rental timeframe. Trash must be bagged and placed in dumpster behind the Freedom Park Interpretive Center. Lessee is responsible for supplying all trash bags and any other cleaning materials. Lessee is responsible for all damages to the rented venue facilitated by the behavior of its guests and event attendees. Payment for damages is due upon receipt of invoice detailing costs of repairs. Invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days of the invoice date will incur an interest charge of 18% or the highest amount allowed by law. Lessee shall be responsible for all collection fees, attorney fees, or other costs in connection with Williamsburg Botanical Garden’s attempt to collect all amounts due hereunder.

CANCELLATION POLICY. Cancellation refunds are as follows; 100% prior to 10 days of the event and 9 days or less no refund provided.

General Policies. Lessee agrees to adhere to the following general policies:

  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Events may take place starting at 8:00 a.m., and events must end 1 hour prior to dusk on day of the event to allow adequate time for clean up. Setup for events may begin one hour prior to scheduled event and breakdown of event must be complete within rental timeframe. Everyone must exit Williamsburg Botanical Garden AND Freedom Park by dusk.
  • Ceremonies may begin as early as 8 a.m. throughout the wedding season.
  • Lessee is responsible for notifying its vendors (i.e. decorators and event rentals) of the reserved time at Williamsburg Botanical Garden and when all persons and supplies are to be out of Williamsburg Botanical Garden AND Freedom Park. Lessee is responsible for notifying vendors of restrictions cited in this contract and ensuring compliance.
  • No fires are allowed but candles with glass enclosure may be used with prior approval. No open flame candles will be allowed.
  • Bubbles or flower petals may be thrown at weddings. Throwing of rice, birdseed, confetti or silk flowers is not permitted in the Garden or accompanying premises.
  • There is no smoking in the Garden by either guests or vendors.

Private Event: Williamsburg Botanical Garden will make every effort to provide a private event by placing signage at the front entrance of the garden and notifying park staff of the wedding rental; however, lessee acknowledges that Williamsburg Botanical Garden is a public garden within Freedom Park, a James City County public park.

Waiver of Claims/Hold Harmless: Lessee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Williamsburg Botanical Garden, its officers, Board of Directors, and its agents from any and all liability or claim arising out of the Lessee’s use of the Williamsburg Botanical Garden. Lessee hereby indemnifies waives all claims against the Williamsburg Botanical Garden, its officers, Board of Directors, and its agents for any injury or damage to any person or property in or about the premises by or from any cause whatsoever other than resulting from the willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Williamsburg Botanical Garden or its representatives. Lessee understands that it is solely responsible for the safety and security of its guests and for any injuries or property damage which it or its guests may cause or suffer.

This Agreement shall be binding upon Lessee. By submitting this form, the Lessee acknowledges that it has read, understands, and agrees with all portions of the Agreement and policies.