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About Us

Meet our Board

Following are officers and members of the WBG Board and key committee chairs:

Michael Whitfield
Chairman (acting)

Geoff Suter
Vice Chairman

Beth Chambers

Dave Banks

Joanne Chapman
Horticulture Chair


2018-2019 Board Members

Judith Alberts
Dave Banks
Dennis Branden
Beth Chambers
Joanne Chapman
Al Davidoff
David Kranbuehl
Rudy Nabel
Mike Lockatell
John McFarlane
Kate Robbins
Gary Streb
Geoff Suter
Mike Whitfield

Advisory Board
Al Brenick
Don Buma
Kathy Coomer
Dustin DeVore
John Green
Bob Harris
Brent Heath
Andrew Koenig
Charlie Martino
Martin Mathes
Frank Robinson
Jeff Schell
Andre Viette
Donna Ware
Marshall Warner
Scott Whyte