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March 18 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Award-winning Nature Photographer Bob Schamerhorn will show us how to bring numerous species of birds to our yards by adding a water feature. Birds, like all other animals, prefer habitats that meet ALL their basic survival needs: food, shelter and water! They depend on water for hydration, to maintain body temperature, and to condition their feathers for flight. Having a consistent, reliable, clean, running water source in a garden will attract a greater assortment of birds. This is especially true for the many species that do not eat seed at all. Each different season will bring varying species and changed plumages, whether it is winter, breeding season, spring or fall migration. In one central Virginia backyard alone, the addition of this simple birdbath system has attracted over 75 species! It even runs in sub-freezing temperatures, providing this essential resource even when everything else is frozen solid. This highly-favored multimedia program displays proof of that diversity as the birds drink, bath and splash around in the “The Bird Spa”. The program will include informative stories from thousands of hours of observation, displayed with award-winning photography, supplemented with bird songs, and HD video clips. It reveals the water features simple design and a parts list, plus demonstrates step-by-step how to install one yourself. Come see how a little water can greatly improve both your garden and your enjoyment of nature, right in your own backyard. The following products will be available for purchase: The Bird Spa – Natural Birdbath Installation Booklet (full color with step-by-step photos), Note Card Sets (12 different cards per set, various themes), Coloring Book “Commonwealth Collection” (drawing and photo, comes with crayons), The Bird Spa Vol. 1 DVD (46 Minutes, 45 different species with matching bird song). This event is part of the Learn and Grow Educational Series sponsored by the Williamsburg Botanical Garden. The program is free, although a $5.00 donation to help the Garden grow is appreciated. For more information, contact Bob by email at bob@iPhotoBirds.com After the program, Master Gardeners will be in the Garden to answer questions and talk about what is in bloom.

Our mission is to enhance the life of residents and visitors by promoting beautiful gardens for the enjoyment of plants and the environment through year-round educational and recreational programs.

Although Williamsburg Botanical Garden is a Public Garden, Wedding Ceremonies of any size and Portrait Photography of any kind requires scheduling and a permit with fees paid thirty days prior to the event. For additional information refer to WilliamsburgBotanicalGarden.org or email us at wbg.weddings.events@gmail.com